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About Big Love

Bringing. The. Love. Are you looking to ignite a dance floor into an incendiary mix of bumps, grinds, moonwalks, head-bangs, twerks, worms, and dabs? Then take a fun-filled shot of BIG LOVE! This 5-piece cover band delivers 3+ hours of the most recognizable Top 40 hits from iconic artists spanning the ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and today.


BIG LOVE formed when former Universal Music recording artist, Gala (lead vocals), fled from war-torn Ukraine and safely landed in Ottawa, Canada. Within 24 hours of arriving she belted out an empowered rendition of I Will Survive to cinch her spot as the band’s front woman.


Collectively, BIG LOVE has played clubs, festivals, and weddings of all sizes around the world; opened for notable recording artists; recorded and released their own music; and enjoyed commercial radio and music TV airplay in Canada and abroad. This rockin’ party band lights up the dance floor and gets drinks flowing, inspiring the feel-good feels everyone’s looking for today.


So what are you waiting for? Get some BIG LOVE!

Gala Darkina


Gala Darkina's love of music started when she sang with her dad. By the time she was tall enough to sit at the piano at the age of 6, her professional music career began in earnest and she played the piano at various events in the Ukraine. But at 14, her musical tastes widened, and she pivoted to singing with the hope that, one day, she would meet her idol Michael Jackson. Her teen years were busy as she co-founded her first band and wrote original songs. By the age of 17, Gala became the vocalist of the jazz-rock band the Jazz Saboteurs, performing at festivals and venues all over the Europe. Then in 2009, Universal Music Ukraine signed the band to a record deal, and they later changed the name to Diversanty. This led to five music albums, 10 music videos, and hundreds of concerts in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. However, in 2022, Gala's world changed when she fled war-torn Ukraine with her young family to begin a new life in Canada. But it didn't take her long to return to the comfort and solace she knew so well! For on the second day in Ottawa, she auditioned for and joined Big Love as their lead singer.


And here begins a whole new story...

Graham Machacek
Bass Guitar


Graham Machacek has rocked thousands of fans at hundreds of live shows over more than two decades, playing bass and delivering lead vocals in multiple bands. Notably, he fronted '90s rock band THERMOclinE — achieving national airplay (commercial radio and MuchMusic) for the single Vacant Lot. Graham led communications for CTV's MuchMusic MTV Group and publicity for the Guitar Festival at Toronto's Luminato Festival of Arts & Creativity, which saw 1,643 guitarists set a new Canadian record for the largest guitar ensemble in 2009. He's inspired by legendary bass players such as Bootsy Collins, Sting, Flea, Geddy Lee and Jason Young, and his mother, who's an opera singer (it's in the genes!). Graham plays a Lakland Skyline Deluxe Spalted Maple bass guitar amplified by the rugged and versatile Ampeg Ba210.

Matt Salvatore
Lead Guitar


When he was 12 years old, Matt Salvatore knew he had to learn to play guitar after a neighbour played him a Stevie Ray Vaughan record. Ever since that turning point in his young life, Matt has been chasing that elusive tone, playing in countless bands and bars both near and far. During his career, Matt has also played on several recordings, including two original EPs with his band The Royal Condition, available on Apple Music. Today, he's the lead guitarist in Big Love bringing his unique chops that cover a wide range of musical styles, from dance music to grunge rock.

Elli Kozak


Elli Kozak is a classically trained pianist and a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music. Performing professionally for many years, Elli is also an accomplished piano teacher, composer, arranger, and transcriber. His work has been featured in movies and in TV series, such as the music score for a film appearing at Toronto's Short Film Festival. He has worked with renowned performers (both on stage an on radio), and is also a member of the acclaimed Ottawa Pops Orchestra. Elli's music has graced the ears of many wedding guests and corporate venue attendees, and has played in multiple bands as well as a wide array of music genres.

Michel Fortin


Michel Fortin has been behind the kit for 40+ years. He has played for legendary performers on stages across North America and for recording artists as a studio session drummer. Some of his many bands have played at music festivals in front of several tens of thousands of fans, such as H.O.P.E. Summerfest as well as Music Fest 4 Vets, raising awareness about PTSD in the military. Radio stations throughout Eastern Canada and Northern USA have played his recordings from former band such as Fade Away by Buried on Sunday. Michel has even played on TV, including The Tom Green ShowMichel currently plays a Mapex Studioease Armory kit with Sabian HHX Complex cymbals and Yamaha EAD10 electronic module with triggers.

Dark Background Strip_edited.jpg

Get Some

Big Love is available for weddings, parties, functions, events, and celebrations throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. We are a full, live band, and our packages are customizable depending on the length and type of event. There are no agency fees, so you save money. Give your upcoming event or party some Big Love!

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